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HiTech offers a wide variety of specialty services to accommodate all your needs:

• On Site Hose Testing

Whether it’s for small diameter steam hoses, large bore dock hoses or a transport company’s complete fleet of chemical hoses; we test, tag and document.

• Custom Engraving

Our state of the art laser engraving machine enables us to make permanent identifications to your hose or fittings. These markings are perfect for identifying, tracking and much more. The engraving allows us to personalize for your specific need.

• On Site Training

HiTech can offer on-site training from a handful of maintenance workers, to a room full of engineers. Training depth is provided based on the customer’s needs. In-depth training is performed by the manufacturer product specialists. In special cases, employees can be trained and certified.

• Product Safety Audit

At HiTech safety comes first. Our plant surveys do exactly that. We review products in applications and make recommendations. This can help with maintenance planning. It can also bring new ideas with innovated products which could bring down your TCO.

• Private Branding

If you’re looking for brand recognition, line dedications or corporate colors, we can help. Many of our hoses can be designed to your specific needs.

• Store Surveys

Everyone knows how important stores items are, especially maintenance workers. At HiTech, we can perform store surveys including part identification and number cross referencing. Don’t let getting the wrong good into the stores shut you down.

The dedicated team at NAHAD ensures that all members have access to the information, news, resources, and tools needed to thrive in the hose and hose accessory industries. They are responsible for the Annual Conference and all other efforts that build a strong and supportive community.

A STAR distributor means being part of an exclusive Select Distributor group who maintain the highest level of hose assembly standards to provide their customers greater assembly integrity, consistency, and traceability.